Opening note

The word “Hacking” is not at all negative. If you check the word with wikipedia, following result will you get

Hacking may refer to:

Computer hacking, including the following types of activity:
Hacker (programmer subculture), activity within the computer programmer subculture
Hacker (computer security), to access computer networks, legally or otherwise
Computer crime
Illegal taxicab operation
Pleasure riding, horseback riding for purely recreational purposes
The act of stealing jokes
Hacking, an area within Hietzing, a municipal district of Vienna, Austria
Ian Hacking, Canadian philosopher of science

What I mean with hacking is based on computer security.

Hacking means finding out weaknesses in a computer or computer network and exploiting them, though the term can also refer to someone with an advanced understanding of computers and computer networks

As of what wikipedia says, I am not a hacker at all. But I try to learn about the weakness and powers of system security. Thats all. I am running a blog with same name in blogger also. Its address is:

This blog is a continuation of that blog. Kindly read on. Happy hacking.


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