Ubuntu problem rectified.

Last Sunday evening, I was checking some photographs in my SD card in my Ubuntu 11.10 Dell laptop. After 20 minutes the battery backup indicated too low and I got the red signal warning. So that I was about to shutdown the system using the tty commandline “shutdown -h now”. But the “u” key did not work. Q,R,T keys also were not functioning correctly. In stead of giving the assigned characters, those keys were printing some numeric values on monitor. Initially I thought this may be something related with keyboard assembly, so that keyboard assembly should be replaced soon. Then I reboot the system using cntrl+alt+del. The same problem repeated after I logged in to the graphical terminal. Then I reboot the system, and logged in the tty. To my surprise, all the keys were working properly. But whenever I log into the graphical terminal the same problem repeats.
What should be the problem, anyone guess?
It was silly. It was not the problem of keyboard assembly, nor keyboard layout. And what? It was nothing but the user profile was corrupt. I renamed the home folder of the current user and logged in again, all the keys started working fine. It took more than 2-3 hours to find the real issue. In my experience silly issues like profile-related problems may consume more time to identify than complicated problems.


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