There might be more reasons. Hence this 6 reasons are fabulous enough. Worth reading the post. Go, take a re-birth in GNU/Linux.

Very informative. I use this calendar in my google calendar. It works perfectly. A BIG thanks to Laura Arjona

The bright side

I decided to maintain a calendar about events related with Free, Libre, Open Source Software.

I think it’s interesting even if you cannot attend any conference or meeting, since there are a lot of resources that you can get: slides of the talks, videos, in some cases you can follow the video streaming live, and you can get the hashtags to follow the event and get useful information. You can also contribute sending an article or talk proposal, I think it can be a nice experience, even if it’s not accepted!

I took many references from Jeff’s Open Source Resource Blog, and some others from Ada Initiative. Others simply I knew them, or I searched about them. I try to check all the information with the corresponding website, not just copy the event from elsewhere.

You can find events all around the world, but I live in…

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