Post Exploitation – Discovering Network Information In Windows

These are some of the basic and simple steps has to be taken after a successful penetration. Great post.

Penetration Testing Lab

In network infrastructure penetration tests if we manage to exploit one system then it is easy to obtain information for the network that this system is part of.This information is important because in almost every network penetration test the ultimate goal is to become domain administrator and in order to achieve that it is necessary to know the appropriate commands that will help us to gather information about the network that we are already inside.In this article we will see how we can gather information about windows networks that we are conducting the penetration test from the system that we have already exploited.

Lets say that we have exploited a windows system and we want to know more about the network that this system belongs to.The first and most common command is of course the ipconfig /all which it will display to us all the information about the network adapters…

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