Many people who use internet in a regular basis encounter situations in making passwords. To the sake of easy remembering, many of them choose username as Username and password as Password. Some others simply choose their password as 123456 or some other sequential numbers. Just tell them about 2 way authentication. I bet their answer will be like this: “No way, its time consuming, dude, who has time to check sms to loging your email account?” Just remember, passwords are not silly things. If you are using a Weak passwords, you are just like living in BIG house having doors without locks 🙂


This is a brief post, and some may find it a bit “out there”. Having wrote this last night, I woke up this morning and realized I still remembered the password I created . Regardless, the following will focus on ideas for creating passphrases that are secure yet practical and easy to remember.

Firstly, passphrases. It’s a reoccurring event on twitter to read far-fetched tweets in regards to password complexity (and yes, the typos are meant to be).

Problem One: Passwords 10 years ago- “1234” Passwords now- “This password must contain an Uppercase letter, a number, haiku, gang sign, and a hieroglyph.”

Problem Two: “My kind of Relasionship…My boyfriend knows all my passwords to every social account I have and so do I…”

To reiterate, passwords are becoming more complex to the point that folks cannot remember them as well as individuals are handing out their passwords…

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