How to download youtube videos

Want to download your favourite youtube videos to your computer? Here is two easy methods:

Download youtube video

Method 1 / Without any program or plugin installation

  1. Yo want to download the following video in youtube:
  2. Just replace http://www. from the url and with ss.
  3. The url will be look like
  4. Paste the url in the address bar.
  5. You’ll be redirected to http://en.savefrom.netb.
  6. The exact url is here:

Now you can download the video so easily

Method 2 / A plugin in Mozilla Firefox

Open Mozilla Firefox and download Flash Video Downloader from this url:
And through this plugin, you can easily download your favourite youtube videos


5 thoughts on “How to download youtube videos

  1. Try No plugins,java,ads and no signups. Its easy and fetches direct download links for all available formats.

  2. Well, I posted it as just a soft item. Some days back one of my friends called me. All she wanted to have a quick way to download a youtube link to show the video in a strategy presentation. I described the the first method, and she was too excited to download that.

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