How schools ignore Computer science as a subject

The most ignored of all subjects in the schools in Kerala is COMPUTER SCIENCE. Yes! Students, as well as teachers, ignore “computer” as a subject to study. We were happened to market a world-class computer curriculum Kerala wide. It is during this time, we got the clear picture of the existing computer training in the state of Kerala.

Pathetic. That’s the most appropriate word to be used. When asked, a vice principal was saying, “We have not a computer teacher actually, our Physics teacher handles the subject since she is very clever in computer.” We just contacted her, and she has not even the basic clues on computers. Many of the schools say the same story ditto. Even though it is a BIG subject, no school managements consider it of the proper importance it deserves. Most of the public schools in Kerala follows their medium of instruction as English and thus the faculty of English is the best department in each school. Parents also are bothered only in developing the communications skills of their kids, and thus basic science and subjects like computer are unfortunately sidelined.

Majority of the Public Schools in Kerala still use proprietary tools for training the students while lots of its open source alternatives are widely available. Using the proprietary tools, they spent much and gain less. Recently while Microsoft Windows® XP stopped its support, some schools opted for Ubuntu Operating system. While the State Syllabus of Kerala has adopted open source technology a decade before as part of the “IT@School” project, the Public Schools are far away from its quality.

Today, a computer is not a device for expert jobs. It’s essential for our day-to-day affairs, so it should be treated in that importance. The entire curriculum should be designed keeping this fact in mind.

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