How Microsoft breaks Standard in Document Formats

Here is a classic video of Italo Vignoli, Co-founder of The Document Foundation. Here in this video, he explains how Microsoft breaks the standards in their Document Application. It is quite true. I always wondered, why people still stick to this nonsense and non-standard application. Please have a glance at the video. I just copy-paste the transcript of the interview for those who cannot view the video.

So the main issue is that LibreOffice is using a standard document format Microsoft Office is not using a standard document format How does this translate for the user?

If you look at the– of course, the user sees the document on the screen doesn’t see the document as the computer sees the document which is a different way If you look at how the computer sees the document you would see a complete difference between LibreOffice document which is very clear a user can read that document and that Microsoft Office document which is just a mess and is totally unreadable So, the fact that the same document saved with two different versions of Microsoft Office Save in two different versions of the same document.

While if you save the same document with seven of different versions of LibreOffice the document looks always the same. This is the advantage of the standard so we are, the issue is that we are converting from a non-standard format to a standard format And when you convert from a non-standard format to a standard one Unfortunately there are many variables that goes into action The template of the document if the template has been done in a proper way then probably the document also is done in a proper way and will convert without issues How the user is used to do the document There are some For instance, if you align the text using tabs is completely different than if you align the text using other “technologies” Tabs is the technology that should be used and that way you should have the text come out align in the same way and so on and so forth I mean I can make many example if you want

So the issue of migration is that In fact when we do professional migration so when we consult companies to do that we always say Look at the documents and don’t be scared by the fact that the document doesn’t look the same Just check if the information is the same If the information is the same, It is probably better, safer and faster to rebuild the document in a proper way Because that way, the document becomes interoperable otherwise the document will always not be interoperable even between two different versions of Microsoft Office So people that is moving documents from Office 2003 to Office 2016 in some cases they see similar issues just because the software saves the documents in different ways so it has to do with a non-standard again It has to do with a non-standard document format Unfortunately the people that should have looked at this problem didn’t look at this problem.

So this is something that we users have to look after It’s unfortunate, I agree with every one of you But if we don’t take actions as users We will continue to have documents that can not be become interoperable. Okay. So the indication is that, be patient The fault is not on LibreOffice or on Microsoft Office or anyone of us. And there should be technical bodies that look after and to protect the users. Missing the technical bodies to protect the users have to protect themselves and I think the best protection is not to migrate to LibreOffice It’s to migrate to a standard document format Then you can use LibreOffice you can use Calligra you can use Abiword you can use Gnumeric you can use whatever software you want and even Microsoft Office when they have the standard document format Because that is what protects the users. If we stick with Microsoft Office format It’s Microsoft that rules And the user will never rule.