How Microsoft breaks Standard in Document Formats

Here is a classic video of Italo Vignoli, Co-founder of The Document Foundation. Here in this video, he explains how Microsoft breaks the standards in their Document Application. It is quite true. I always wondered, why people still stick to this nonsense and non-standard application. Please have a glance at the video. I just copy-paste the transcript of the interview for those who cannot view the video.

So the main issue is that LibreOffice is using a standard document format Microsoft Office is not using a standard document format How does this translate for the user?

If you look at the– of course, the user sees the document on the screen doesn’t see the document as the computer sees the document which is a different way If you look at how the computer sees the document you would see a complete difference between LibreOffice document which is very clear a user can read that document and that Microsoft Office document which is just a mess and is totally unreadable So, the fact that the same document saved with two different versions of Microsoft Office Save in two different versions of the same document.

While if you save the same document with seven of different versions of LibreOffice the document looks always the same. This is the advantage of the standard so we are, the issue is that we are converting from a non-standard format to a standard format And when you convert from a non-standard format to a standard one Unfortunately there are many variables that goes into action The template of the document if the template has been done in a proper way then probably the document also is done in a proper way and will convert without issues How the user is used to do the document There are some For instance, if you align the text using tabs is completely different than if you align the text using other “technologies” Tabs is the technology that should be used and that way you should have the text come out align in the same way and so on and so forth I mean I can make many example if you want

So the issue of migration is that In fact when we do professional migration so when we consult companies to do that we always say Look at the documents and don’t be scared by the fact that the document doesn’t look the same Just check if the information is the same If the information is the same, It is probably better, safer and faster to rebuild the document in a proper way Because that way, the document becomes interoperable otherwise the document will always not be interoperable even between two different versions of Microsoft Office So people that is moving documents from Office 2003 to Office 2016 in some cases they see similar issues just because the software saves the documents in different ways so it has to do with a non-standard again It has to do with a non-standard document format Unfortunately the people that should have looked at this problem didn’t look at this problem.

So this is something that we users have to look after It’s unfortunate, I agree with every one of you But if we don’t take actions as users We will continue to have documents that can not be become interoperable. Okay. So the indication is that, be patient The fault is not on LibreOffice or on Microsoft Office or anyone of us. And there should be technical bodies that look after and to protect the users. Missing the technical bodies to protect the users have to protect themselves and I think the best protection is not to migrate to LibreOffice It’s to migrate to a standard document format Then you can use LibreOffice you can use Calligra you can use Abiword you can use Gnumeric you can use whatever software you want and even Microsoft Office when they have the standard document format Because that is what protects the users. If we stick with Microsoft Office format It’s Microsoft that rules And the user will never rule.


Ubuntu introduces Thin revolution in UI

Great. Now its the season of single color themes. Now Ubuntu gets a “monochromatic makeover”. The creative route of the new design is “More outlines, Less solid”. We have seen it in the www space, but It’ll be a new experience in a full-fledged Desktop Operating System.

Ubuntu thin icon sprite

Nice work, Ubuntu Creative Team!

Hand of thief

Hand of Thief

OK. Many security experts now say that there is a real Linux Trojan is on market and it started its activity on web. It’s called Hand Of Thief (HOT). It is a commercial malware, comes with its own logo and command & control panel interfaces. Zdnet describes it as a semi-successful Linux Trojan. But still I don’t think it is a fully-functional malware that affects a Linux system which is automatically installed, it may need a basic user permission.

Basically HOT is affected on the web browsers of major popular distributions. Mozilla FireFox, Iceweasel, Epiphany, Chromium browsers are affected. But my concern is this – how this happened. I think it is not Linux vulnerable – but my computer habits are. Wonder why we add such fancy and complicated yet less useful features to the operating system. Doing so, it gets more fatty and thus weaker in the matter of security. A rule of thumb is: the more we make it fancy the less it become secure!

As an additional security, never use any in-built applications in a browser, be it Iceweasel, or Midori or whatever. Instead you open a PDF document in a PDF viewer installed inside your system. Likewise, open an mp4 file in Totem or VLC stand alone application. Please care to update security patches always.

‘Anonymous’ crashed child pornography sites offline

Hats off! Hallelujah. That’s the social responsibility. Anonymous taken down more than 40 websites containing child pornographic content. Here is the extract from their pastebin press note.

Remove all child pornography content from your servers. Refuse to provide hosting services to any website dealing with child pornography. This statement is not just aimed at Freedom Hosting, but everyone on the internet. It does not matter who you are, if we find you to be hosting, promoting, or supporting child pornography, you will become a target. Read More

Stop child porn

Many of us still have no idea on what ANONYMOUS does for the society. They stand for some good motives. They are hackers. They hack for good.

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Many people who use internet in a regular basis encounter situations in making passwords. To the sake of easy remembering, many of them choose username as Username and password as Password. Some others simply choose their password as 123456 or some other sequential numbers. Just tell them about 2 way authentication. I bet their answer will be like this: “No way, its time consuming, dude, who has time to check sms to loging your email account?” Just remember, passwords are not silly things. If you are using a Weak passwords, you are just like living in BIG house having doors without locks 🙂


This is a brief post, and some may find it a bit “out there”. Having wrote this last night, I woke up this morning and realized I still remembered the password I created . Regardless, the following will focus on ideas for creating passphrases that are secure yet practical and easy to remember.

Firstly, passphrases. It’s a reoccurring event on twitter to read far-fetched tweets in regards to password complexity (and yes, the typos are meant to be).

Problem One: Passwords 10 years ago- “1234” Passwords now- “This password must contain an Uppercase letter, a number, haiku, gang sign, and a hieroglyph.”

Problem Two: “My kind of Relasionship…My boyfriend knows all my passwords to every social account I have and so do I…”

To reiterate, passwords are becoming more complex to the point that folks cannot remember them as well as individuals are handing out their passwords…

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Post Exploitation – Discovering Network Information In Windows

These are some of the basic and simple steps has to be taken after a successful penetration. Great post.

Penetration Testing Lab

In network infrastructure penetration tests if we manage to exploit one system then it is easy to obtain information for the network that this system is part of.This information is important because in almost every network penetration test the ultimate goal is to become domain administrator and in order to achieve that it is necessary to know the appropriate commands that will help us to gather information about the network that we are already inside.In this article we will see how we can gather information about windows networks that we are conducting the penetration test from the system that we have already exploited.

Lets say that we have exploited a windows system and we want to know more about the network that this system belongs to.The first and most common command is of course the ipconfig /all which it will display to us all the information about the network adapters…

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