Step to remove DNSchanger virus from GNU/Linux

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GNU/Linux systems does not affected dnschanger virus

Linux: Whats the real fear factor?

Android is Linux
Android would have been a big flop, if it were named “Android Linux”! But Android is a BIG success, because fortunately, its name is just “Android” only. So think, where does the actual problem lies? What’s the fear factor that Linux makes?
The name is the fear factor. People get away from Linux when the moment they hear the name. Why people fear such a cute penguin? And whats the real fact? Among all the operating systems which exists today, the GNU/Linux ones are the most user friendly, intuitive and secure. Once it was not like that; user should be a geek to operate and tame a G/L system. Over the years it evolved to serve even dummies and common people. Unfortunately folks are not aware about the change; they still fear that cutie penguin and still in love with the old and insecure systems.

If the name “Linux” is a fear factor for common people, whats the point we add that name along with the distro name? No doubt, Linux is a cute name; just as GNU! But for the sake of free software, we should abandon such words like “Linux” and “GNU”

So, listen all distros who distribute Linux, remove the suffix “Linux” with your distro name. Just as “UBUNTU” instead of “UBUNTU Linux”. Or “DEBIAN” instead of “DEBIAN GNU/Linux” . DEBIAN. UBUNTU. MINT. TRISQUEL. Enough. The end user need not know whats inside, unless they are not bothered about it. (Why should they know?! Who’s interested in such questions?!) The kingdom of real Free Software will come on earth only when you remove “GNU” or “LINUX” from the distro name.
There is a naming controversy exists between Linus / OSS community and While claims to spell the system in full as “GNU/Linux”, Linus Torvalds / OSS community / Linux foundation laughs against it. If both of the names are removed, there would not be any such controversies. Let’s make the path for Free Software to conquer the Desktop segment.

Linus Torvalds speaks: [Watch at 0:23:46 in the timeline]