Story of his hard disc failed

“Hey!! Do you know anyone who can do a hard disc recovery?” My friend shouts at me on the other end of the line. “I need my data as much early as possible.” He was screaming. Tons of photographs and video files are stored in that cute hard disc. External 1TB USB powered one. It was very portable. Very sexy. Bought one year back for copying data for backup. He was so desperate. I consoled him, asking two questions. “Does your Hard disc making noise, just as triq triq trrriq…?” He said “Nope”. “Then carefully disconnect the cables and come to me.” He did. I connected his cute, sexy, 1TB USB powered portable HD into my old, Debian powered Desktop. It was detected. I showed him his files. Now he was dancing. He tried connecting many computers before that, but none of them even detected it. From his 800 GB of data, his priority was around 80 GB of photographs. I copied it into my computer. Copying all the files, he jumped out from my house and came back after half an hour with some bottles of beer and some snacks. Great! I took part in his happiness.

People buy external hard discs in terabytes today which may be changed to Petabytes and Exabytes tomorrow, which is quite unimaginable right now. The higher the volume, the deeper the loss will be. If one loss a TB of data in a Hard Drive is much higher than 4 GB of data in a DVD. The sad part of the story is that Hard Drive fails much frequently. Why?

Most home users buy huge volume (1TB or more) Hard discs as a back up device. They take a decent backup for the first time. Keep it safe and care it for a couple of weeks. One fine morning someone needed the device to backup some huge movie files from his office or a friend’s computer. Copied the movie files, and the device brought back to home. Some weeks later the same device was shared to someone’s friend to reinstall his Vindoz. Right now the Hard disc has hundreds of movie files. Two months later a new television was bought which has a USB port and now its possible to watch their favorite movies from a small Pen Drive. And you know, what they have been doing, well, its amazing, they started plug the poor backup hard disc directly to the TV USB and started watching all the movies which was resting inside! Wow, what a technology! Some interesting days passed by. One day (after the anniversary of the TB Hard disc, just passed) the disc did not initialized by TV. Cursing the TV, he unplugged it and plugged into his newly bought laptop. Hey! What’s wrong with it? Still the HDD cannot be found. And the pop-up balloon says that error reading device. Ok, then lets try it out to our old Desktop machine, on which we took the back ups many times. Oh! F**k, still it can’t be found. Something wrong with the HDD. Oh! God! There are plenty of photos and videos. How much valuable are they? Lamentation starts and going on.

This is the simple story many home users can say.

What should be the precautions?

Ok. Now that’s it. Keep your data safe and stop lamentation.